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The program is designed to prepare culinary professionals with the technical skills, management training and exposure to the culinary arts that creates a well balanced individual with many opportunities for career growth. Our graduates are prepared for immediate entry into a growing job market as proficient chefs.

The Teswar is committed to providing its students with theoretical information and practical experience that will give them strong foundation in culinary fundamentals and hands-on skills. This enables them to obtain employment in the industry and to meet or exceed the expectations of employers.

Why Hotel Management ?

  • you are meeting lots of different people from different cultures and make their vacations or business trip special.
  • Hospitality careers are international. Once established you can travel the world and discover new cultures and regions.
  • Management salaries in the top league are not bad and you have lots of additional perks
  • To rank among the best in your profession









Opportunities At Your Feet

"It is a wonderful opportunity for these kids to come and experience what they love. These competitions only polish the talent and help realize youngsters the world of opportunities lying at their feet. Exercises like these contribute towards the industry tremendously and will surely help cater to the already existing huge demand in the culinary world"

"The state of art facilities that were at one point missing in top hotel schools of India were provided by your Institution. I would like to once again not only congratulate you and all your colleagues but also thank each one of you for living this dream and building this wonderful Institution."

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